To be honest, I’m really excited and happy to be able to share so much good new music with all of you on a regular basis. There’s so much out there to enjoy, so I hope you’re paying close attention! Case in point, this set of music today. The Gold Setting are back with another bouncy and soulful track from their forthcomning record. Guided By Voices continue their streak of nonstop recording with another ramshackle slice of messy garage rock. Get mesmerized by Lone’s latest club-ready track. Broken Social Scene’s Lisa Lobsinger guests on a rather addictive new dance track from Smalltown DJs, and TOPS find their mid-70s groove with an incredible first single from a future album. Alao included in this set after the jump are tracks from Ian William Craig, Jamie Isaac (ft. Salomon Faye), Jayceeoh & Lit Lords, Lovely Bad Things, Mary Lattimore, Reptaliens and Simian Ghost.

The Gold Setting – Video Star

Guided By Voices – Dr. Feelgood Falls Off the Ocean

Lone – Crush Mood

Smalltown DJs – Erased the Night (ft. Lisa Lobsinger)

TOPS – Petals

Ian William Craig – Arrive, Arrive

Jamie Isaac – Find the Words (ft. Salomon Faye)

Jayceeoh & Lit Lords – 2 Tha Bank

Lovely Bad Things – Hiding To Nothing

Mary Lattimore – Wawa By the Ocean

Reptaliens – Prequel

Simian Ghost – Stop Moving