Let’s jump right into another fun set of music to help make your week move along that much more quickly. There are some great downloads in this set from The Gods Themselves, Krallice, Minor Moon and Richie Quake. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Ab-Soul, Best Night Ever, Dominic, Fenech-Soler, Grails, Kristin Kontrol, Lil Yachty (ft. A$AP Ferg), Mega Bog, Moon Duo, Wale and more!

Confabulation – Thula Borah

The Gods Themselves – COOL

Kissing Party – Warren City Christmas

Krallice – Hate Power

Mayhaw Hoons – The Swinger

Minor Moon – Weird How We Float

Richie Quake – Try

Vague – Corner


Ab-Soul – Threatening Nature

Best Night Ever – Caught Up

DJ Snake – Let Me Love You (Marshmello Remix)

Dominic – Savior

Fenech-Soler – Cold Light

Grails – Chalice Hymnal

Kristin Kontrol – Baby Are You In?

Haux – Caves (Samuraii Remix)

Lil Yachty – Terminator (ft. A$AP Ferg)

Mega Bog – London

Moon Duo – Creepin’

Wale – Groundhog Day