Now that we’re in December, it feels like as good of a time as any to mention that the annual year-end extravaganza known as Listmas will be kicking off later this month. It’s reason enough to get a little bit excited, though I’m sure as the month wears on and everybody puts out their “best of” lists this whole thing will start to feel like an exercise in tedium. At the very least, putting together these lists and carefully reflecting back on the year in music is a distinct and worthwhile pleasure. Also a pleasure? Another edition of Pick Your Poison. In this set, you won’t want to miss downloads from Almond&Olive, Lazy Legs, Moon Rabbit and The Obsessed. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from G-Eazy (ft. Ashley Rose), Golden Features (ft. Julia Stone), Gutxi Bibang, Jaylib, Parcels, Rationale, Sofi de la Torre (ft. Blackbear), Sudan Archives, Uniform and more!

All the People – Operator

Almond&Olive – Mulberry Hill

Equinox – Goodbie (ft. Dementio13)

Lazy Legs – Chain of Pink

MC Bravado – Enough’s Enough (ft. Eze Jackson)

Moon Rabbit – Still Together (Against All Newton’s Laws)

The Obsessed – Sodden Jackyl

W I N C H E S T E R – I’m Not Ready to Go Yet


G-Eazy – Still (ft. Ashley Rose)

Golden Features – Wolfie (ft. Julia Stone)

Gutxi Bibang – System of a Gun

Jaylib – Da Rawkus

Knox Hamilton – Washed Up Together (Cory Nelson Remix)

Parcels – Older

Rationale – Prodigal Son

Sofi de la Torre – Flex Your Way Out (ft. Blackbear)

Sudan Archives – Escape

Temple – Certainty (Franz Ferdinand Remix)

Uniform – Tabloid