Remember on Monday when I encouraged everybody to vote in the presidential election? Yeeeeeeah. Feeling quite disillusioned and depressed right now, courtesy of President-elect Trump. Ugh, never thought I’d have to type that title in front of his name. Anyways, if you can work your way past the misery, there’s some new music that might lift your spirits a bit in today’s Pick Your Poison. Don’t miss downloads in this set from Adam & Elvis, K V A S I R, Minor Moon and OG Maco. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from AUDUR, Black Lips, CHILDCARE, COTE, Day Wave, Drunker Masters (ft. Portugal. The Man), Father John Misty (covering Tim Heidecker), Fickle Friends, Kartell, Laurel, Lil Peep and Run the Jewels (ft. BOOTS).

Adam & Elvis – Hanging Tree

Cris Cab – Turn Out the Light (ft. J. Balvin)

K V A S I R – First Throws

Minor Moon – So Composed

OG Maco – For Scott

The Probes – Autonomy

Shem Bey – Earth Wind Fire

Woeloski – Camellia


AUDUR – 3D & Both Eyes on You

Black Lips – Deaf Dumb and Blind


COTE – Golden Hour

Day Wave – Wasting Time

Drunken Masters ft. Portugal. The Man – Louder

Father John Misty – Trump’s Private Pilot (Tim Heidecker cover)

Fickle Friends – Brooklyn

Kartell – 5 A.M.

Laurel – Maybe Baby

Lil Peep – Kiss

Run the Jewels – 2100 (ft. BOOTS)