Let’s keep this train rollin’, because we’re only a couple days away from the weekend. So close you can almost taste it. Here’s a brand new collection of songs for you to digest. Don’t miss downloads in this set from Cheshires, Errant Boy, The March Divide, Polar (ft. Gucci Mane) and PURGE. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Boogie, Clams Casino (ft. Lil B), Crying, Luke Temple, Marching Church, Mndsgn, Nia (covering Golden Suits), Princess Nokia, Red Sleeping Beauty, Sonic Avenues and Years & Years.

Belinda Esquer – Look Inside

Brooklyn Doran – Cold Outside

Cheshires – Wish Something Would Happen

Errant Boy – Decades

The March Divide – Go to Sleep

Polar – That Ain’t No Money (ft. Gucci Mane)

PURGE – Feel Your Love

Troy Joe – Bounce (Radio Edit)


Boogie – Sunroof

Clams Casino – Life My Life (ft. Lil B)

Crying – Revive

Jai Wolf ft. Chain Gang of 1974 – Drive (RAC Mix)

Luke Temple – The Birds of Late December

Marching Church – Lion’s Den

Mndsgn – Use Ya Mind (Twentyfourseven)

Niia – Gold Feeling (Golden Suits cover)

Princess Nokia – Brujas

Red Sleeping Beauty – Mi Amor

Sonic Avenues – Tunnel Vision

Years & Years – Meteorite