Feeling good on this Tuesday, doing my best to savor the last moments of summer before things turn cold and blustery. Today’s Pick Your Poison is designed with those last gasps of warmth in mind. Don’t miss downloads from Chris Stalcup, Kinky Love, SALT and Timothy J. Wilson. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Blonder, Earwig (ft. Lydia Loveless), The Griswolds, Honus Honus, Jubilee (ft. Hoodcelebrityy), Juliette Lewis, Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster, Lion Babe, Spencer Ludwig, Speingtime Carnivore, Tycho and Wiz Khalifa (ft. J.R. Donato).

Chris Stalcup – Pete and Clyde

DJ K-Rec and Estea Elements – Whole As One

Kinky Love – Women Without

Loop 2.4.3 – Out to War

Phil and Lu – Oh, My My

Pink Blue Oak – The Word Will Go On

SALT – Don’t Look at Me That Way

Timothy J. Wilson – I Refuse


Blonder – Talk To Me

Earwig – Wasted on You (ft. Lydia Loveless)

The Griswolds – Out of My Head

Honus Honus – Oh No!

Jubilee – Wine Up (ft. Hoodcelebrityy)

Juliette Lewis – Any Way You Want

Justin Peter Kinkel-Schuster – The Dirt, The Bells & I

Lion Babe – She’s A Lady

Spencer Ludwig – Diggy

Springtime Carnivore – Midnight Room

Tycho – Epoch

Wiz Khalifa – Stranger Things (ft. J.R. Donato)