How’s everybody doing now that there’s lots of new Frank Ocean in our lives? Yes, after all the intense pressure from music fans who seemingly refused to wait for the man to complete his next record, in the last few days we’ve gotten not one, but TWO new Frank Ocean albums. The first came on Thursday night with the release of Endless, which classifies more as a “visual album” than something more traditional. Shortly after it’s release via an exclusive at Apple Music, there was word going around that Endless was only the beginning, and there was another Ocean album on the way that’d be released over the weekend. We’ve heard this story and been fooled before, so there was no point in believing it until it landed in our laps. So in the later part of Saturday, Blond(e) arrived. There’s still a bit of confusion over the title, as the cover has it stylized as Blond but the listing on Apple Music says Blonde. However it’s spelled, it’s another new (and arguably much more official) Frank Ocean release. No visual components to this one, save for a video for the song “Nikes” that came out the night before the actual album drop. So yeah, it’s been an exciting few days for Ocean fans. I’m excited to give both records deep listens and close analysis in the near future. If you’re still itching for some hot new music action though, I’ve got a treat for you in today’s Pick Your Poison. There’s some great downloads in this set from The Chairman Dances, Crushed Out, This Frontier Needs Heroes and UMFANG. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Big Gigantic (ft. Logic & Rozes), Clearance, Forth Wanderers, Girlboss, Julia Jacklin, Mick Jenkins, PAPA, Racing Heart, Suburban Living, Swet Shop Boys, The Tallest Man on Earth and Weaves (covering The Beatles).

The Chairman Dances – César Chávez

Crushed Out – Out of the Blue

Fabian Secon – Looking for the Old Me (ft. Kevin Clarke)

Marbs – Tusks & Tales (TACHES Discovers Keyboards Remix)

This Frontier Needs Heroes – Free Market Music

UMFANG – Force

Wargirl – Song for the Man


Big Gigantic – All of Me (ft. Logic & Rozes)

Clearance – Owner/Operator

Forth Wanderers – Slop

Girlboss – Mrs. Doubtfire

Julia Jacklin – Coming of Age

Mick Jenkins – Spread Love

PAPA – Rain More

Racing Heart – Squaring the Circle

Suburban Living – Come True

Swet Shop Boys – Tiger Hologram

The Tallest Man on Earth – Rivers

Weaves – Help (Beatles cover)