It’s been five years since we last heard new music from Radiohead, that is if you don’t count the unused “Spectre” theme song they recorded and gave away at the end of last year. But today they officially emerged from their slumber. Following a couple of days in which they completely erased their social media accounts and website, this morning a new music video was suddenly released. “Burn the Witch” is the new track, presumably off their next album which could be released at any time under any title. It’s all a wait and see game with those guys, and honestly if we can wait five years we can probably wait a few weeks longer for the full length. In the meantime why not enjoy some new music as part of Pick Your Poison? There’s some quality downloads in this set from Dirty Squall, Matt Bennett, SHapes On Tape, Shards and Wild Patterns. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from A-Trak (ft. Phantogram), FAWNN, Joy Atlas, Laszlo Dancehall, Leena Ojala, Lone, Marissa Nadler, Mitski, The World, Yung and more!

Dirty Squall – Goth With An Ipod

Julian Bachlow – Family Ties

Matt Bennett – Fisher King

Post Death Soundtrack – That Which Is

Shapes On Tape – Fountain of Youth

Shards – If You Wait

Wake The Wild – Touch the Ground

Wild Patterns – Sparks


A-Trak – Parallel Lines (ft. Phantogram)

FAWNN – Galaxies

Joy Atlas – Drop Your Sword

Laszlo Dancehall – Channel

Leena Ojala – Poison Words

Lone – Vapour Trail

Marissa Nadler – Katie I Know

Mitski – Happy

Shit Robot – Lose Control (Spencer Parker Workmix)

The World – Managerial Material

Yung – The Child