Hope your weekend was great. Mine was solid, thanks in no small part to the impressive weather that kept things sunny and in the upper 70s every single day. There’s going to be a small course correction in the coming days, where rain and 50 degree temperatures will return, but the respite was nice and a great reminder of what lies ahead this summer. In the here and now, there’s an all new edition of Pick Your Poison for your enjoyment. Don’t miss downloads in this set from herMajesty, Jason Maek & Zaena, Jessica Audiffred and Stormy Strong. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from BRONCHO, Charlotte Day Wilson, Delorean, Fear of Men, J Dilla (ft. Nas), Juliette Lewis, Oscar, Pity Sex, Stephen Steinbrink, Supermoon, Throws and more!

DiZZ – Orange Shoebox

Foals – Birch Tree (Pyramid “Space” Remix)

herMajesty – Dancing Barefoot

(In)Body – A Lonely Body

Jason Maek & Zaena – Birthday

Jessica Audiffred – K.O.

Oscar Vega – Back

Stormy Strong – Sail Away


Babeheaven – Heaven (Makeness Remix)

BRONCHO – Senorita Borealis

Charlotte Day Wilson – Work

Delorean – Muzik

Fear of Men – Trauma

J Dilla – The Sickness (ft. Nas)

Juliette Lewis – Hello Hero

Oscar – Good Things

Pity Sex – Pin A Star

Stephen Steinbrink – Absent Mind

Supermoon – Witching Hour

Throws – Punch Drunk Sober