Wishing you and yours the finest of Super Tuesdays today, and welcome to March! Let’s hope that with the new month comes an increase in warmer weather. We’re almost clear of those winter blues! Of course none of those things have anything to do with this hot and ready collection of new music we otherwise call Pick Your Poison. You’ll definitely want to download tracks from Fine Wives, Right Hand Left Hand, Soonbe and Thirsty. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Attic Abasement, Fear of Men, Greys, HEIDEMANN (ft. Nancy Whang). Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Mitski, Operators, Pale Blue (covering Big Star), Summer Flake, T & P and Yung.

Brenmar & DJ Sliink – Long Minute (ft. Rush Davis)

Fine Wives – Hipster Blood

Right Hand Left Hand – Fermat’s Last Theorem

Royal HOlland – Demimonde

Soonbe – God’s Gold

Thirsty – God Bless America

Velasco – I Can’t Surf

Yea Big & Kid Static – We May Actually Mean It


Attic Abasement – Guarantee Jesus

Fear of Men – Island

Greys – No Star

HEIDEMANN – I’m So in Love (ft. Nancy Whang)

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Existence in The Unfurling

Mitski – Your Best American Girl

Operators – Blue Wave

Pale Blue – Thirteen (Big Star cover)

Summer Flake – Wine Won’t Wash Away

T & P – Shoot the Freak

Yung – Pills