It’s Groundhog Day, and if you believe in the power of a rodent to predict the weather, there’s good news ahead. In short, it looks like we’ll be getting an early spring. Of course thanks to El Nino spending the winter here in the U.S., that’s not terribly difficult to believe. Temperatures have been on average higher than normal around much of the country, and snow less frequent, despite the occasional blizzard. So after my complaints about February yesterday, so far this month is 2 for 2 in terms of good days. Let’s keep that trend going, shall we? In today’s Pick Your Poison, don’t miss downloads from AMERIA, KINGDOMS, Masayoshi Iimori and Vincent Colbert. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from DAWN, Gun Outfit, Howard, Islands, Lushlife x CSLSX (ft. Ariel Pink), Porches, Shit Robot, Sioux Falls, Terribly Yours, Throwing Shade, Twin Peaks and WRITER.


Annie Lennox – Little Bird (Du Tonc Rework)

Gibby – Run Tel Dat

KINGDOMS – Battery

Masayoshi Iimori – Whirlwind

Red Cabin – Ice Sculpture

Vincent Colbert – Beth (Hold On)


DAWN – Not Above That

Gun Outfit – Expansion Pact

Howard – Glass

Islands – Back Into It

Lushlife x CSLSX – Hong Kong (Lady of Love) ft. Ariel Pink

Porches – Car

Shit Robot – OB-8

Sioux Falls – Dinosaur Dying

Terribly Yours – No Genius

Throwing Shade – hashtag IRL

Twin Peaks – Walk to the One You Love

WRITER – Mosquito Bitten