Woof. Did you devote any attention to that Kanye West/Wiz Khalifa feud that happened on Twitter this afternoon? It was a doozy, at least from Kanye’s perspective. See, Wiz had been cracking a couple of lighthearted jokes about Kanye changing the name of his album from SWISH to WAVES, and then commented about “KK” which Kanye interpreted as an attempt to hit on his wife, Kim Kardashian. The thing was, Wiz was referring to a certain strain of weed with the nickname “KK”. Anyways, the confusion caused Kanye to go on a tweet rampage where he viciously insulted Wiz over and over again while simultaneously complimenting his style choices, particularly when it comes to pants. The whole thing was a bit dark but also very funny in hindsight. If you’re interested, check out the full play-by-play here. Now then, let’s dive right into a fresh mid-week edition of Pick Your Poison to enjoy while wearing stylish pants. Don’t miss downloads from Ashley Shadow, Chet Faker, Jesse Marco and Reina del Cid. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Amber Arcades, A$AP Rocky (ft. Pharrell), Ash Koosha, B Boys, Big Black Delta, Champion + Four Tet, Frankie Cosmos, Littler, Mind Bath, Operators and School of Seven Bells.

All the People – Falling

Ashley Shadow – Tonight

Badlands – Echo

Chet Faker – In-Between

Jesse Marco – Bum Bum

Kid Froopy – Faded

Polar Bear – You Deserve It (ft. John Blu)

Reina del Cid – Death Cap


Amber Arcades – Right Now

A$AP Rocky ft. Pharrell – Hear Me

Ash Koosha – Mudafossil

B Boys – Get A Grip

Big Black Delta – Kid Icarus

Champion + Four Tet – Disparate

Frankie Cosmos – Sinister

Littler – Not My Market

Mind Bath – Bad Timing

Operators – Cold Light

School of Seven Bells – Ablaze