The Academy Award nominations came out today, bringing a dash of much-needed excitement into this rather humdrum week in January. Not that there were a lot of surprises or snubs, though the Academy’s refusal to recognize the film Carol in the Best Picture and Best Director categories feels like an oversight. The same goes with minorities as we’re looking at the second year of #OscarsSoWhite. Anyways, even though this is a music site, I’m quite the movie buff in my spare time, to the point where I saw 200 films last year and 85% of them were 2015 releases I watched in an actual theater. I’d like to think that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to movies – more than most people. That’s not meant to be a brag, just trying to provide some context for my opinions and why I have them. The grand point here is that you absolutely should check out all of the films that were nominated for Oscars this year, because honestly they’re among the best of the best. Can’t really go wrong with any of them. But if you catch some of them and want to share your opinions somewhere, feel free to in the comments section. We can have a vigorous debate if you’d like. Let’s jump into the final Pick Your Poison for the week, shall we? There are quality downloads in this set from Allies For Everyone, Chris Storrow, Mick Jenkins and Pleasant Grove. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Amber Arcades, Big Ups, Field Music, Into It. Over It., Lane 8, Memoryhouse, Shearwater, She-Devils, Tiga and Yuck.

Allies For Everyone – It Takes All Kinds

Chris Storrow – A True Christian

GABI – Trap Queen (Fetty Wap cover)

Jo Passed – No, Joy (I’m Not Real, Girl)

Merival – Kicking You Out

Mick Jenkins – Grenade Theory (ft. theMIND)

Pleasant Grove – Disintegration (Consider Your Brother)

Whitney Winston – Maquinaria del Tiempo


Amber Arcades – Turning Light

Big Ups – National Parks

Field Music – Disappointed

Into It. Over It. – No EQ

Lane 8 – Midnight

Memoryhouse – Sarah

Shearwater – Only Child

She-Devils – I Wanna Touch You

Tiga – Planet E

Yuck – Hearts In Motion