You may have noticed that we are mere days away from Halloween. It’s fascinating to me how perceptions of the holiday have changed over time. Maybe it’s always been this way, or maybe the current generation of young adults have pushed it to these limits, but it just seems like in recent years the concept of kids collecting candy has been pushed into the background and replaced with people in their 20’s and 30’s getting drunk in costumes at bars. Obviously as somebody who’s part of that demographic I’m more attuned to and involved with such celebrations, so maybe it’s just me. But I also live in a neighborhood with a fair number of families, and while there are a few kids who stop by for candy, the numbers actually seem pretty scarce. When I used to trick or treat, it was a 3-4 hour marathon with several blocks to cover and kids everywhere. Now the streets look mostly empty, and I’m more likely to spot somebody dressed as a slutty nurse finishing off a cocktail next to a fireman and Buzz Lightyear. Did our parents have such wild Halloween parties? I’m not complaining, just curious. To my eyes there’s an innocence lost when the candy collecting kids are on the decline and the alcoholic adults pretending to be kids for a night are on the rise. Hope you’ve got something fun planned for Halloween night on Saturday. If you need me, I’ll be at a bar with a group of friends, all of them in costume. Okay, let’s get to today’s Pick Your Poison, shall we? Don’t miss downloads from Blankus Larry, Broken Gold, James Crooks, People Skills and Still Alive. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Adam Busch, Devontee (ft. Joey Bada$$), Francis, Marlon Williams, Niki & The Dove and Spring King.

Baeb Rxxth – Gutter (funsecret Remix)

Blankus Larry – Future History

Broken Gold – Turning Blue

James Crooks – Naturally

Mikey Lion & Bengal – Big Cats Groove (Original Mix)

People Skills – Pogradec Embankment

Still Alive – Actors & Puppets

TKDJS – Rolling (ft. Chrissy Quadros)


Adam Busch – Tiger

Devontee – Godspeed (ft. Joey Bada$$)

Francis – Follow Me Home

Marlon Williams – Hello Miss Lonesome

Niki & The Dove – Play It On My Radio

Spring King – Who Are You?