Happy Back to the Future Day! Yes, we’ve finally reached the date that Doc Brown and Marty McFly travel to in the classic film Back to the Future II. For a film buff such as myself, it can’t help but bring up a bit of nostalgia for a trilogy that meant so much to me growing up and technically still means so much to me today. It’s been a lot of fun celebrating the 30th anniversary of the first film, and comparing how the 2015 elements from the second actually stack up to what we’ve got today. There may not be 100% official hoverboards or self-lacing sneakers, nor are the Cubs likely to win the World Series at this point, but at the very least we have a rich casino owner who’s a bit of a bully and loves having his name on everything. Sometimes real life and fictional stories intertwine and it’s just a little scary. Anyways, I hope you’ve had a great day, and maybe even re-watched (or perhaps watched for the first time) one of the first two Back to the Future films. Nobody would hold it against you if you skipped the third. One thing you shouldn’t skip out on today is Pick Your Poison, which has a wealth of great tracks from the likes of Andy Clockwise (ft. Stella Mozgawa of Warpaint), The Black Ships, Kosha Dillz (with a perfectly day-appropriate track) and Shards. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Emergency Tiara, Florist, Frank the Butcher (ft. Killer Mike), Holy Esque, The Most Serene Republic, Nao, Snakehips (ft. Tinashe & Chance the Rapper), W-X and Yogi (ft. Elliphant & Pusha T). Great Scott!

Andy Clockwise – Open Relationship (ft. Stella Mozgawa)

The Black Ships – Dead Empires

DUCKY – Rain Dance

Ilana J – Angel

Kosha Dillz – Give Back to the Future

Redcast – Gadsby

Shards – Sad Sayonara, Goodbye

Warning Light – Past the Haro Straight


Emergency Tiara – Quiet But Not

Florist – Cool and Refreshing

Frank the Butcher ft. Killer Mike – Eat What You Kill (EWYK)

Holy Esque – Hexx

The Most Serene Republic – Benefit of the Doubt

Nao – Bad Blood

Snakehips – All My Friends (ft. Tinashe & Chance the Rapper)

W-X – Brazilian Worm Band

Yogi – SIRI (ft. Elliphant & Pusha T)