Let’s put a nice little bow on this week of Pick Your Poison with some quality downloads from The Bandicoots, Broken Boy, Look Vibrant and Ninsun Poli. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream new songs from The Besnard Lakes, The Casket Girls, Cool Uncle (ft. Jessie Ware), Dead Ghosts, Emmi, In the Whale, Jamie Woon, Sosi and Starlight Girls.

Astro Tan – Whiskey + Water

The Bandicoots – Overnight Innovator

Broken Boy – Kilogram

Look Vibrant – Callous Reaction

Lumidee – Never Leave You (Uh Ohh) [K-Rec Remix]

Moa Holmsten – Tougher Than the Rest

Ninsun Poli – Good

Redcast – Corduroy


The Besnard Lakes – Golden Lion

The Casket Girls – True Believers

Cool Uncle – Break Away (ft. Jessie Ware)

Dead Ghosts – Around and Through

Emmi – 60 Minutes

In the Whale – Neighbor

Jamie Woon – Sharpness

Sosi – Like This

Starlight Girls – Fancy