Now that we’re officially in the fall season, there are only about a handful of weekends left to enjoy the nice weather before things begin to take a much colder turn. That’s for those of us in the northern half of the U.S., of course, since things stay a bit more pleasant the further south you go. My point is this: get outside and do something fun! Tailgate for a football game. Have friends over and sit in the sun. The snow will be here before you know it. There are a few summer remnants as part of today’s Pick Your Poison, so take advantage of those as well. Don’t miss downloads from Co-pilgrim, Foolish Atoms, Germany Germany (ft. Kotomi) and Postcards From Jeff. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Atmosphere (ft. deM atlaS), Cheatahs, The Knocks & Matthew Koma, Midnight Reruns, Palm, TWINKIDS, Zaflon (ft. Mina Fedora) and many more!

Co-pilgrim – You Come Over, You Go

Crossword – Loonies

Cyr the Don – Runways

Dubious Quip – Boom Boom Boom

Foolish Atoms – The Harrowed North

Germany Germany – If I Stay (ft. Kotomi)

Postcards From Jeff – Tired Wings

Rastronaut – Flexx


Atmosphere – Finer Things (ft. deM atlaS)

Cheatahs – Signs to Lorelei

The Knocks & Matthew Koma – I Wish (My Taylor Swift)

Midnight Reruns – There’s An Animal Upstairs

Mikaela Davis – When the White Horse Takes Me Away (Joywave Remix)

Palm – Ankles

Steven A. Clark – Can’t Have (Ape Drums Remix)

TWINKIDS – Dreamer

Zaflon – Blink (ft. Mina Fedora)