The weekend is dead ahead. The official start of the 2015 NFL season kicks off tonight. Things in general are looking up, even as temperatures start to go down. Hopefully today’s Pick Your Poison is just another positive piece of your day. Don’t miss key downloads in this set from Annabelle’s Curse, Daphne Lee Martin, Shmu and Steaming Satellites. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Beach Slang, Greys, Iron & Wine (covering Neil Young), Kisses, Kylesa, Mount Kimbie & James Blake, Okkervil River (covering Tom House), Small Black and Tinashe (ft. Young Thug).

Annabelle’s Curse – Brother In Arms

CHCKLK – The One

Crossword – She’it

Daphne Lee Martin – Bees Made Honey in the Lion’s Head

King Doudou – Sal

Shmu – Pictionary

Steaming Satellites – Rocket

Yellow Shoots – Soul Find Me (ft. Faja)


Beach Slang – Young & Alive

Greys – I’d Hate to Be An Actor

Iron & Wine – Albuquerque (Neil Young cover)

Kisses – The Nile

Kylesa – Night Drive

Mount Kimbie & James Blake – Untitled

Okkervil River – I’m in Love With Susan Smith (Tom House cover)

Small Black – Back at Belle’s

Tinashe – Party Favors (ft. Young Thug)