As always, I hope your weekend was spectacular. Pick Your Poison is back in action to kick off another week with some quality downloads and streams for your listening pleasure. Don’t miss mp3s from Cherri Fosphate, Heyward Howkins, Phone Home and Rah Rah. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Beatrice Dillon, Carroll, Dilly Dally, Fresh Snow (ft. Damian Abraham), Indian Handcrafts, The Mantles, Maritime, Pure Bathing Culture, The Radio Dept. and more.

Cherri Fosphate – Auf Wiedersehen

Heyward Howkins – Forecasting

Jackson Boone – Dolphin Turned Into A Cat

Majella – On and On

Michael McQuaid – Vibes

Phone Home – Funhouse

Rah Rah – Chip Off the Heart

YAST – Together Forever


Beatrice Dillon – Face A

Carroll – Green Acres

Dilly Dally – Purple Rage

Fresh Snow – Don’t Fuck A Gift Horse in the Mouth (ft. Damian Abraham)

Indian Handcrafts – The Divider

Jenny Hval – Kingsize (Kelly Lee Owens Rework)

The Mantles – Police My Love

Maritime – Roaming Empire

Pure Bathing Culture – Palest Pearl

The Radio Dept. – This Repeated Sodomy