If you’re a fan of the infinite wonder that is outer space, and who among us isn’t, make sure you get outside for a bit this evening as the Perseid Meteor Shower will be in full effect. If the skies are clear over your neck of the woods, there should be a dazzling show taking place as meteors streak across the vast expanse. Because it also happens to be a new moon, things should be brighter and more active than they have been the last several years. Find the darkest open area in your neighborhood, spread out on the ground and take it all in. Once you’re done with that, check out today’s Pick Your Poison, which features tracks from Babes, Chance the Rapper & Noname Gypsy, Jacuzzi Boys and Thayer Sarrano. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from CocoRosie, Destroyer, Kenton Slash Demon, Sego, Sun Drug, TOWER, Wavves and Young Rival, among others.

Babes – I’ve Got A Reason to Keep On Living

Branko – Louca (ft. MC Bin Laden & Marginal Men)

Chance the Rapper & Noname Gypsy – Israel (Sparring)

Dotorado Pro – Love Marimbas

Falcons – Want 2 B

Five Eight – Behead Myself

Jacuzzi Boys – Sun

Thayer Sarrano – Touch My Face


CocoRosie – Lost Girls (Live)

Destroyer – Times Square

Kenton Slash Demon – Harpe

Little Boots – No Pressure (Vicetone Remix)

Sego – Fool Around

Sun Drug – Soaked

TOWER – Teenage Miracle

Wavves – Heavy Metal Detox

Young Rival – Interior Light