Every Friday, instead of sharing downloads and Soundcloud streams, we take a quick look back at the many other music-related things that happened this week in a segment that’s appropriately called “This Week in Music.” If there was a great or noteworthy music video that was released, it’ll be featured here. If an artist gave a particularly noteworthy interview, that might pop up in the links below. The same goes for interesting articles related to music, documentaries about bands, and just generally whatever might strike my fancy. If you’ve got something fun or important related to an artist that you think should be mentioned here, shoot me an email! All the information you need is in the sidebar on the right. So here’s this week’s wrap-up. Click the links below, and you’ll be off!

Music Video: Jenny Hval – Sabbath

Watch a clip of Meryl Streep in the movie Ricki and the Flash singing a song written by Jenny Lewis

Music Video: Belle & Sebastian – Perfect Couples

Watch a short film introducing Minor Victories, a supergroup ft. members of Slowdive, Mogwai & Editors

Music Video: Kurt Vile – Pretty Pimpin

James Franco has written a book about Lana Del Rey

Watch Foo Fighters cover The White Stripes’ “Seven Nation Army” in concert with Dave Grohl’s doctor on vocals

Will there be an N.W.A. reunion tour with Eminem?

YouTube Audio Stream: HEALTH – Men Today

Listen to “Other People’s Imaginary Feast,” a collaboration between Nicolas Jaar, Holly Herndon, Julia Holter, William Basinski and more