Before we jump into today’s Pick Your Poison, I want to give a quick reminder to my fellow Chicagoans that the Taste of Chicago is happening in Grant Park. It’s a yearly thing, so you’re probably very aware of it, but whether you love it or hate it or fall somewhere in between, at the very least it brings some good quality music to town. Saturday will feature sets from Spoon and Houndmouth, so check that out for free if you’re willing to sit on the lawn, or pay a few bucks for actual seats. There’s also some quality food, despite the immense people traffic jams and high prices. Go or don’t, this is just a friendly reminder. Now let’s see what we’ve got here today. Don’t miss downloads from Cancellieri, Love at First Sound, Schmieds Puls and Thayer Sarrano. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Cold Beat, Des Ark, James Elkington & Nathan Salsburg, Joe Plummer, Surfer Blood (covering Outkast), Susanna (covering AC/DC), Wild Ones, Yuck and more.

Cancellieri – Education

Love at First Sound – Good Ain’t Good Enough

Rev Gusto – Shoot the Messenger

The Rightovers – Canyon Country

Schmieds Puls – You Can Go Now

Sextile – Can’t Take It

Stolen Jars – Kept

Thayer Sarrano – Crease


Cold Beat – Cracks

Des Ark – ties

HOLYCHILD – Money All Around (RAC Remix)

James Elkington & Nathan Salsburg – Up of Stairs

Joe Plummer – Honeybear

Surfer Blood – Hey Ya! (Outkast cover)

Susanna – It’s A Long Way to the Top (AC/DC cover, Live at Tomba Emmanuelle)

Wild Ones – Show Me Islands

Yuck – Hold Me Closer