Before we get started, a quick congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks, who last night took home their third Stanley Cup in six years! This isn’t a sports site, but it is a Chicago one, so that’s about all anyone can talk about in my world today. As for everyone else, there’s some tasty tracks in today’s Pick Your Poison to enjoy. Allow me to recommend cuts from Empire Machines, Errant Boy, Jet Trash, Ryder Bach and Stereodyssey. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Baio, Calvin Love, The Dirty Blonde, Double Duchess (covering Grace Jones), Escapists, The Holydrug Couple, Little Boots, The Radio Dept. and Skylar Spence (fka Saint Pepsi).

Denim Snakes – Many A Truth Sung in Jest

Empire Machines – The Plan

Errant Boy – Imaginary Song

Hannah Cohen – Lilacs (Hidden Fees Remix)

Jet Trash – Photography Is Over

Kapil Seshasayee – Host

Ryder Bach – Two Things

Stereodyssey – Blissful Thinking

Tiiidal – Meridian


Baio – Sister of Pearl

Calvin Love – Automaton

The Dirty Blonde – Goodbye: Tiny Fractures

Double Duchess – Bullshit (Grace Jones cover)

Escapists – Eat You Alive

The Holydrug Couple – Concorde

Little Boots – No Pressure

The Radio Dept. – Occupied

Skylar Spence – Can’t You See