Closing out this week of Pick Your Poison are tracks from notables such as Heathers, Jesse Payne, Kotomi, Powers Pleasant and Urvanovic. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Albert Hammond Jr., Camera Shy, CFCF, Heaven’s Gate, Into It. Over It. (covering Owen), Jaill, Jay Rock, Shury and Danny L Harle’s remix of the latest Years & Years single.

Heathers – Tanker

Jesse Payne – Origins

Kotomi – Bright Side

Powers Pleasant – 1Day

Red Cabin – Patterns

Someday I Will Miss You – Postcards From Other Lives

Stalgia – Rust

Urvanovic – Warrens


Albert Hammond Jr. – Losing Touch

Camera Shy – Colors Radiate

CFCF – The Ruined Map

Heaven’s Gate – Amanda Berry

Into It. Over It. – Poor Souls (Owen cover)

Jaill – Getaway

Jay Rock – Money Trees Deuce

Shura – White Light

Years & Years – Shine (Danny L Harle Remix)