Hope everyone at SXSW is having fun this week. I’m hoping to return to Austin in 2016. As far as today’s Pick Your Poison goes, you’ll want to check out tracks from Broken Boy, Bus Stop Dreams, The Traveling Suitcase, Tyord and Van Dale. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from The Dunwells, FEMME, James Murphy, Kissey, Nero, Winters Island and more.

Broken Boy – She Said

Bus Stop Dreams – You Can Put Your Faith In Me

The Hard Ground – Pucker

Monty C. Benjamin – Clueless

Sweatson Klank – I’m A Fool

Shox – Mare St

The Traveling Suitcase – Off the Ground

Tyord – Funeral Wife

Van Dale – Speak Yellow

Weird Mob – Nu American Haircutz


The Dunwells – Lucky Ones


James Murphy – Golden Years (David Bowie cover)

Kissey – Distortion

Nero – The Thrill

Sun Glitters ft. Sarah P – Galaxy (Alphaat Remix)

Winters Island – Ares