Hope you had a great weekend. Let me help your Monday get off to a solid start with downloads from Chick Quest, Foster, Glass Candy, The Helmholtz Resonators, iiii and Verre. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Annabel, Banoffee (covering Frank Ocean), Cillie Barnes, Death and Vanilla, Fred Thomas, Marrow, Priest, Tourist and YØUTH.

Absofacto – Dissolve (Robert Lux Remix)

Chick Quest – Somebody Call A Doctor

Eaten By Television – Coming To A Stop

Evawolf – Lose You

Foster – Cruddy Jav

Glass Candy – Shell Game

The Helmholtz Resonators – Vermillion Hue

iiii – Looking Glass

Sky White Tiger – Don’t Matter Much

Verre – Taste the Sky


Annabel – Everything

Banoffee – I Miss You (Frank Ocean cover)

Cillie Barnes – Earthquake Season at the Crystal Convention

Death and Vanilla – Arcana

Fred Thomas – Every Song Sung To A Dog

Marrow – Mother of Maladies

Priest – Broken

Tourist – Holding On (ft. Josef Salvat & Niia)

YØUTH – Cold Sweat