Let’s get this week started! There’s some worthwhile downloads today from Daydream Frenzy, Junk Riot, Kinky Love, The Landing and Pedro Meirelles. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Brett (covering The Go-Go’s), Calexico, CHAPPO, Leon Bridges, Robert Pollard, The Singles, Will Butler and more!

Chloe March – Ember (Markus Mehr Remix)

Daydream Frenzy – Jade’s Song

EerieSounds – Runaway

Inner City – Good Love (Bodhi Remix)

Junk Riot – Lishnie Golovy

Kinky Love – Counting On Distance

The Landing – Back to the Stars

Markus Mehr – Buoy (Chloe March Remix)

Pedro Meirelles – Nostalgia

SOHN – The Wheel (Fjer cover)


Brett – Vacation (The Go-Go’s cover)

Calexico – Falling From the Sky (ft. Ben Bridwell)

CHAPPO – Hang On

Inventions – Peregrine (The Field Remix)

Leon Bridges – Lisa Sawyer

Robert Pollard – Up and Up and Up

Sam Smith – Lay Me Down (POMO Remix)

The Singles – Candy

Will Butler – Clean Monday