There’s some great downloads in this set you won’t want to miss from 8th Grader, Gorgeous Bully, The Last 24, Riva Ridge and Tim Myers. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Bjorn Torske, Carmen Villain, Jose Gonzalez, KOPPS, Marika Hackman, Mew, Santiparro (ft. Will Oldham) and St. Vincent.

8th Grader – Morro Bae

Boudoir Noir – Summer Skin

Gorgeous Bully – Dumb Ideals

Human in Bloom – All the Fish (Live)


The Last 24 – StrangerInMyHead

Love in the Dark – Colorblind Mastermind

Reighnbeau x BK Beats – That Look

Riva Ridge – Runs Deep

Tim Myers – March Hills to Climb

TKDJS – Sellout

Yokan System – Klee


Bjørn Torske – Eight Years

Carmen Villain – Quietly

Jose Gonzalez – Leaf Off / The Cave

KOPPS – Dumb

Marika Hackman – Ophelia

Mew – Satellites

Santiparro – The Benefit of Confrontation (ft. Will Oldham)

St. Vincent – Bad Believer