Allow me to make some recommendations as your journey through this Thursday set of Pick Your Poison. There’s some delightful tracks from Boudoir Noir, Colleen Green, Mellow Yellow, MY BODY< Prima Donna and Shannon Wardrop. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Big Sean (ft. Drake & Kanye West), Butch Walker, Ex Cops, Follakzoid, Los Angeles Police Department, Natalie McCool, Santiparro (ft. Kyp Malone) and Shy Girls (ft. Antwon). Arc Rev One – DON’T TRIP (nothing is real)

Boudoir Noir – Change It Up

Colleen Green – TV

Hidden in the Sun – Salt and the Spring

Humans – Follow (Phil Moffa Remix)

Mellow Yellow – Cloverleaf

MY BODY – Make It Good

NIKO IS – 35,000 Feet

Prima Donna – Living in Sin

Sam Lao – Money Money

Shannon Wardrop – I Wanna Be Your Lady

Thoughts Detecting Machines – New Day


Big Sean – Blessings (ft. Drake & Kanye West)

Butch Walker – Autumn Leaves

Ex Cops – Black Soap

Föllakzoid – Electric

Los Angeles Police Department – Insecurity

Natalie McCool – Pins

Santiparro – The New Baktun (ft. Kyp Malone)

Shy Girls – Xhampagne (ft. Antwon)