Following up Friday’s post-holidays mega edition of Pick Your Poison, I’m pleased to announce that this segment will continue to be a daily post every Monday through Thursday throughout 2015. While that may be good news for those of you who rely on Pick Your Poison to discover new music, there’s also going to be a slight change in the format of it this year as well. First, in terms of content, there will be less of an emphasis on downloadable mp3s and a greater emphasis on streaming songs. That’s less a decision I want to make and more one that I’ve been forced to, seeing as how I’m starting to have some trouble filling these posts with halfway decent content even though they’re only four days a week. Artists are offering less downloads these days and more Soundcloud or YouTube streams, so that’s the direction this segment will also begin to move towards. Secondly, say goodbye to Pick Your Poison intros. The last couple of years, I’ve been using the opening paragraphs of each edition to talk about something happening in the world of music, to help preview a concert happening in Chicago, to talk about what new albums are being released on any given week, and other things. That ends today. This is the last proper introduction I’ll give for a Pick Your Poison segment in 2015. From here on out, all writing done for this segment will simply list off some of the featured downloads and streams. If you’re looking for show previews, commentary on important music news stories, links to interesting and fun music videos and other quality content, those will still exist on the site, they’re just getting their own separate posts from here on out. As a result, the amount of content being posted on Faronheit will increase a bit. I’m not going to go into what some of the new posts and segments will be about, except to say that the goal will be providing you with things that are unique, fun and engaging. Sound good? Okay then, let’s dig into this Monday edition of Pick Your Poison. Important tracks in this set come from As Lions, Busses, Meaxic, Panda Elliot and Stamping Mill. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Action Bronson, Atelje, Butch Walker, Charli XCX, The Dodos, Future Brown (ft. Tink), iLoveMakonnen and Swervedriver.

As Lions – The Fall

Broken Luxury – Bartender (T-Pain cover)

Busses – Wizard of the Eye

Draag – Lavender Hole

Gorgeous Bully – 2 Broke 2 Old

Jeanine – Runnin’

Meaxic – On Instinct

Mista Bibs & Fabian Dubz – Candy

Panda Elliot – Velociraptor

Stamping Mill – Earnest Roam (Fear to Action)

Stone Cold Fox – Sold


Action Bronson – Actin Crazy

Atelje – Transition

Butch Walker – Father’s Day

Charli XCX – Doing It (ft. Rita Ora)

The Dodos – Retriever

Future Brown – Room 302 (ft. Tink)

iLoveMakonnen – Super Clean

Running Young – Out of Time

Swervedriver – Setting Sun