Starting today and pretty much every weekday for the next two weeks, I’ll be using these Pick Your Poison intros to let you know about the latest and greatest things going on with the annual Listmas event here on Faronheit. Yes, we’re in year-end mode and it’s time to break down the best music that 2014 had to offer. All this week it’s the Top 50 Songs of the Year, which leads into next week’s Top 50 Albums of the Year. Kind of like an advent calendar, new items will be revealed each day as the countdown progresses. Just a short bit ago I posted the first entry in the Top Songs list, so if you’re intrigued, click here to see entries #50-41. We’re starting off great and only getting better. But if ranked lists aren’t exactly your thing, perhaps you’ll find Pick Your Poison is more up your alley. There’s some good tracks in the set below from DRLNG, Lanterna, Liars, Quarterbacks and Vincent Colbert. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Amen Dunes, Axis: Sova, The Dodos, Moritat, A Sunny Day in Glasgow, Twin Shadow and You Blew It!

Averez – Beat of the Drum (Original Mix)

Blooms – Lust (Ellie Herring Remix)

Can Can Heads – Square With A Little Bit Rectangle

DRLNG – Icarus

Lanterna – Backyards

Lavender Worm – Synchronized Swimming

Liars – Mask Maker (Extended Version)

Quarterbacks – Center

Record/Start – Rock From Afar

Ted Z and the Wranglers – Like A King

Vincent Colbert – Rose Yellow Moon

Years & Years – Take Shelter (STAL Remix)


Amen Dunes – Song to the Siren

Axis: Sova – Fractal Ancestry

The Dodos – Goodbyes and Endings

Moritat – Starry B

A Sunny Day in Glasgow – Saturn Pulls Me Apart (Death of the Unconquerable Night)

Twin Shadow – Turn Me Up

You Blew It! – Lanai