We’ve hit another Tuesday, where I’m once again pleased to bring you a quick rundown of artists with brand new music coming out this week. The hope is to either inform you about what’s out there, but also to maybe even remind you if one of your favorite artists is putting out something new and you simply forgot about it. So without further ado, here’s your list for this week: Apache Dropout, Aviator, Bahamas, Benjamin Booker, Bishop Allen, Buddy, Caroline Rose, Castanets, Connections, Electric Wurms, Empire! Empire!, Imogen Heap, Jenny Hval & Susanna, JJ, Kimbra, The Last Internationale, Liam Bailey, Literature, Moon Duo, Music Go Music, Orenda Fink, Pallbearer, The Posies, Sarah Jaffe, Sleeping Bag and Wiz Khalifa. If you’re so inspired please pick some of these records up via your favorite digital or physical retailer! Now let’s get to today’s Pick Your Poison, where you can discover even more hot new music. Some key tracks you’ll want to give attention to today come from Elle Herring, Future, HEIDEMANN, Involved and Jack Kovacs. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream new songs from Darkside, Dirty Beaches, Kelela (ft. Le1f), Les Sins, Perfect Pussy (covering Sugarcubes), Pharmakon and TOPS.

Aylen – Quack Attack (Kayzo Remix)

Chimpshed A.D. – Mother Goose

Elle Herring – Gem Landing

EVVY – You Said

Future – Monster

GOONS x Arethur Caves – SCVMFVCKS


Involved – Machiavella

Jack Kovacs – Song of the Summer

Kembe X – I Prey

Multiplier – Get It (ft. Sey)

Sirma – Trigger (Pat Lok Remix)


Darkside – Gone Too Soon

Dirty Beaches – Displaced

Kelela – OICU (ft. Le1f)

Les Sins – Bother

Perfect Pussy – Leash Called Love (Sugarcubes cover)

Pharmakon – Body Betrays Itself

TOPS – Outside