A couple of weeks ago on Twitter, I put out the call for suggestions on some shows happening in Chicago that I should go and see. My personal concert calendar has been looking pretty empty as of late, following a spring where I’d attend what seemed like 2-3 shows per week. The drop off from that to no concerts for 3-4 weeks is suddenly staggering, so like a junkie I went in search of something, anything to give me sustenance. The next big show on my radar? Eagulls at Beat Kitchen on June 10th. If you haven’t heard Eagulls’ self-titled debut album yet, what are you waiting for? This four piece band from Leeds makes some incredible post-punk that’s rooted in the late 70’s/early 80’s with artists like Misfits and Killing Joke. You could say their more contemporary counterparts are Iceage and Cloud Nothings, which certainly isn’t bad company to be in by any means. Yet that Eagulls record feels remarkably fresh and unique to me, the mark of a band that’s passionate about the music they’re making, and hungry for success. If I had heard more from them by the start of the year, it’s likely I would have placed them into my Class of 2014 with the other artists I’m expecting big things from. Instead, I’ll just praise them whenever I have the chance. Check out singles like “Possessed” and “Nerve Endings” to better understand what Eagulls are going for and why it’s so strangely compelling. Hopefully the songs translate to a rowdy live show as well, which in turn will convert even more people. This will be their first official U.S. tour coming up, so I hope you’ll join me in giving this band the sort of push they deserve. The Chicago show at Beat Kitchen on June 10th is 17+, and tickets are only $12 in advance. You can buy them here. Alright, now let’s talk this week-starting edition of Pick Your Poison. Don’t miss songs today from Balue, City Tribe, Conveyor, Damn Right, Nomadic Firs and Walking Bicycles. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream tracks from Bonnie “Prince” Billy and The Cairo Gang, Haunted Hearts (Crocodiles + Dum Dum Girls), Naomi Punk, Vic Mensa and White Arrows.

Alexa Lusader – White Snow

Balue – Charming Flow

City Tribe – Wildflower

Conveyor – Theme I (Edit)

Crystal Fox – Magic Eye

Damn Right – Pyramids

Dead Hippie Squadron – Chilling Spree

Green Rock River Band – Old Summer Nights

Illumntr – Beyond Say

Nomadic Firs – Sweet Hazy

NU.F.O. – Choose Your Side (Original Mix)

Walking Bicycles – Impending Doom


Bonnie “Prince” Billy and The Cairo Gang – We Love Our Hole

Haunted Hearts – Up Is Up (But So Is Down)

Naomi Punk – Television Man

Sam Smith – Stay With Me (Soul Clap Balearic Remix)

Vic Mensa – Down On My Luck

White Arrows – Leave It Alone