Did you have a fun April Fools Day yesterday? How many pranks did you fall for? Anything classic? For me personally, the day is all about being on guard. Actually that’s kind of every day for me, thinking that most things I encounter are fake, or at the very least elaborate jokes. Of course I also try hard not to fall into repeated skepticism, particularly when a fair number of people are being genuine 364 days of the year. But considering the amount of viral advertising we encounter on a daily basis, where a photo or video or story planted on our favorite website is actually just an elaborate commercial for a company or product, the skepticism feels a little justified. Still, part of me actually likes April Fools Day, mostly to see what others come up with. I’ve attempted a couple of April Fools pranks on this site over the years, and none of them really ever work out. So thank goodness for a company like Google, who this year incorporated Pokemon into their Google Maps program. Or Wilco, who did something genuinely funny on Twitter. Sure, it’s obvious and kind of expected, but the entertainment value counts more than anything else. The only double take moment I had all day was when one of my Facebook friends posted about the baby she gave up for adoption a few years ago because she wasn’t ready to be a mother. I hadn’t seen that friend in a few years, and she does like to sleep around, so it stood to reason that it could have been true. I let myself believe it for just a minute, before noticing the date and laughing to myself. Almost got me. That was fun. I hope you got a laugh or two, and maybe even a little outrage that you fell for something yesterday. Let’s do it all again next year, as is tradition. No foolin’, today’s Pick Your Poison is pretty great. Don’t miss songs from Cause & Affect, Donovan Blanc, Early MOrning Rebel, Faces on Film, Frances England, Pool, Seaweed Meadows, The She’s and Wild Ones. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream tracks from Cut Copy, La Peste, Lone, Shannon and the Clams, Strand of Oaks and Turn to Crime.

A.Skillz and Nick Thayer – Drop the Funk

Cause & Affect – Operation 60

Donovan Blanc – Minha Menina

Early Morning Rebel – Shallow Breath

The Evening News – Rules Made Clear

Faces on Film – The Rule

Frances Cone – June

Frances England – Fall Out of the Sky

Pool – Lipstick

Royale – Cosmonaut Romance

Ryan Smith – Better Days

Seaweed Meadows – Money Train

The She’s – My Secret to Keep

Wild Ones – Paia


Cut Copy – In These Arms of Love

La Peste – Better Off Dead

Lone – 2 Is 8

Shannon and the Clams – Mama

Strand of Oaks – Goshen ’97

Turn to Crime – Sunday’s Cool