Welcome to the first official Pick Your Poison entry of 2014! Okay, so a couple days ago I did do a Pick Your Poison post, and it technically was January when I put it up, but to be fair all the songs found within it were leftovers from 2013. I needed to clear out the old to bring in the new, even if that “old” means just a few days. Also, you may notice there was no Monday edition of Pick Your Poison. Sadly, this year is getting off to a slow start and I didn’t have enough music to fill a Pick Your Poison post! So bear with me a little bit as we get rolling into the new year. There’s not a whole lot I want to say as an intro here, so let me just get right into it and recommend tracks from Close, Soft, Common, Confluence, Flagland, Passenger Peru, Sam Page and The Tontons in the set below. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, you can stream songs from Broken Bells, Chromeo (ft. Toro y Moi), Hospitality, Jupe Jupe and You Blew It!, among others.

Champs – Only a Bullet Knows Where to Run

Close, Soft – MyBaby

Common – War

Confluence – Awaiting

Flagland – Comfortable Life

Franchot Tone – Everything’s Fine

Leif Vollebekk – Southern United States

Misun – Nothing Else

Passenger Peru – Heavy Drugs

The Pluto Moons – Do It For Me

Sam Page – Release Me

Slippertails – Walk

The Tontons – Magic Hour

Turchi – Mind’s Eye


Broken Bells – After the Disco

Buho – Night Clinics

Chromeo – Come Alive (ft. Toro y Moi)

Hospitality – Rockets and Jets

Jupe Jupe – Pieces of You

Lucius – Turn It Around (Silent Rider Remix)

You Blew It! – House Address