When it comes to gender equality, I am an advocate in the biggest possible sense. It would make me so happy to live in a world where gender bias doesn’t exist, and every person had the same opportunities available to them. Sadly, this is not the case currently, nor does it seem like it will happen anytime in the near future. There’s much more to this problem than a simple difference in compensation. In the entertainment world things are particularly bad. Struggling female actors often keep it quiet, but there’s still trading sex for on-camera roles that happens all the time and is in some cases expected. As far as the music world is concerned, women can be targets for male predators hoping for the chance to live out their twisted fantasies. You could call it a dirty little secret of the music industry, where nobody wants to talk about it because it steals focus away from the songs and records. Which is why I’m grateful for Chvrches’ Lauren Mayberry, who wrote an article about the misogyny she experiences on a daily basis from people calling themselves “fans.” These men go onto Facebook and Twitter and other Internet mediums/social networks with the intention of harassing and objectifying female musicians via lewd and inappropriate comments. Some record labels and managers attempt to shield their artists from this evil by maintaining control over social media accounts and such, only filtering in the good stuff. In the case of Chvrches though, Mayberry says she and her bandmates control all that stuff. While a majority of the attention they receive online is positive and praiseworthy, there’s always a little bit of not-so-respectful bits thrown into the mix as well. It can be as light as a Facebook message asking take someone out on a date, or as dark as one that talks about anal sex or even rape. Women aren’t harassing male musicians about this sort of thing (that I know of), and the mere thought of making dirty or sexist comments to what ultimately amounts to a complete stranger reflects poorly on you as a person, let alone the gender you represent. The last thing I want is for a woman to immediately distrust me and my intentions because of how other men have treated her. Everyone deserves a fair shake, and when somebody makes a sexist or misogynist comment to you or about you, it messes up that dichotomy. So please Internet and your guise of anonymity, straighten up and fly right, so we can all be a little more civil to one another in the future. Now then, let’s get to today’s Pick Your Poison. Key tracks in this set come from Ian Place, Makoto, ODESZA, Parkington Sisters, Son Lux and Wolf Catcher. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Albert Hammond, Jr., The Chain Gang of 1974, Cold Beat, Girls Names, Milosh (of Rhye) and Phantogram.

Crystal Vision – SONIV

Firehorse – Bloodstream (T.H. White Remix)

Glimpse Trio – I Owe You

Ian Place – East Coast West Coast

Lo Fine – Lie in White

Makoto – Ritual

ODESZA – Without You

Parkington Sisters – Inside My Head

Rachel Thomasin – Valerio (Acoustic Mix)

Ryan Martin – New York Women

Scotty ATL – Mountains 4 the Trees (ft. iNDEED)

Son Lux – Easy

Ula Ruth – Let Down

Wolf Catcher – Falling Stars


Albert Hammond, Jr. – Rude Customer

The Chain Gang of 1974 – Sleepwalking

Cold Beat – Worms

Girls Names – Third Uncle (Brian Eno cover)

Milosh – This Time

Phantogram – Celebrating Nothing