If you’ve never seen Ty Segall perform live before, you’re missing out. The guy’s a dynamic presence on stage, brimming with energy and unafraid to let out a powerful scream that cuts through fuzz-laden guitars should the mood strike him. The two times I’ve seen him perform my attention has never wavered, nor could I stop grinning with giddy excitement over the messy perfection that he embodies. Coming up in a little over a week, Segall will be bouncing all around the country for a few weeks’ worth of live dates in support of his new album Sleeper. That record comes out this upcoming Tuesday, August 20th, and actually marks a shift in direction away from the fused blend of punk and garage rock of his last few efforts and more towards the realm of acoustic psychedelia. Having heard the album a few times, it was challenging to my ears at first, but I’m certainly warming up to it as proof that he can excel at whatever genre of music he tries. You can hear the full thing for yourself right here (for a limited time). If you like what you hear, I’d encourage you to try and see Segall if he’s headed your way on tour. He’ll be in Chicago on August 31st for a show at Logan Square Auditorium that will place a sharp focus on that new album. I’m interested to see how he’ll piece it all together in a live setting. Tickets for that all-ages Logan Square show are $18 and can be purchased in advance here. I hope you won’t miss this great opportunity! You’ll probably also not want to miss some of the great tracks in today’s Pick Your Poison. There’s plenty of delights from Atropolis, Beat the Heart, Chris Zurich, Empty Chairs, Gross Relations, Lizzie Davis and Potty Mouth. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream cuts from Celestial Shore, Goldfrapp, Kelley Stoltz, Pelican and Terry Malts.

Aotearoa – Thunderbird

Atropolis – Adjust

BeatauCue – Aeropolis (Birdee Remix)

Beat the Heart – Nurse Me (With Your Soul)

Behaviors – Can’t Be Found

Chris Zurich – Annie

Clubfeet – Remind Me (Röyksopp Cover)

Empty Chairs – Eyelashes

The Eversons – Creepy

Gross Relations – Discovery Zone

Lizzie Davis – Geography

Potty Mouth – Black and Studs

Reuben Hollebon – Faces

Unlike Pluto – Colour Me Equal


Celestial Shore – Swimmer’s Sinking Feeling

Goldfrapp – Drew

Kelley Stoltz – Kim Chee Taco Man

Little Daylight – Restart

Pelican – Deny the Absolute

Terry Malts – Walking Without You