Ugh. I am wiped out. The sort of wiped out that has you falling asleep at your keyboard in the middle of the day. The sort of wiped out where all you want to do is crawl into bed and sleep for 24 hours straight, foregoing meals or any other possible life responsibility. Music festivals are not exactly kind to the human body, and a majority of my peers tell me that they can’t do the 8-10 hours of standing, dancing and generally rocking out each day for three days that such a festival sometimes requires. I’ve had marathon runners say that they’re comfortable doing a 5 or 10K in a few hours, but wouldn’t dream of attending a music festival full-on for three days because of the toll it takes on your body. And that’s not even taking into account aftershows. Of course maybe I’m being overly dramatic here. I mean, if you look at things like Coachella and Bonnarroo and Lollapalooza and see 100,000 people or so all trying to survive a weekend (though that doesn’t account for arrival times or single day ticket holders), there are plenty who view music festivals as a challenge. That’s certainly how I used to view it. In a year or two I’ll have been hitting the music festivals hard for 10 years straight, and am arguably worse for the wear. I take Mondays after a music festival off from my full time job because I know at this point I’ll need that day to recover. And I’m clearly still not there yet. But I still love it just the same, though I’m not trying to push myself quite so hard anymore. Showing up at 2 p.m. instead of noon seems a-ok with me if I can get some more sleep and general rest. So please excuse me while I take some time to recover from this year’s Lollapalooza. It was a wild one, and I hope you were there to enjoy it with me, or at the very least watched some of it online. I’ll just leave you with this edition of Pick Your Poison. Choice tracks today come from Chad Kichula, Dustin Wong, Forest Fire, iNCH, Nobody Ever, Party Supplies and PJ Harvey. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream new tracks from Cut Copy, Frankie Rose, London Grammar and Mike Donovan.

Atlas Genius – If So (TheFatRat Remix)

Chad Kichula – The Whale’s Back

Dustin Wong – The Big She

Forest Fire – Waiting in the Night

Freeweights – Rust on My Heart

Grizmatik – My People

iNCH – The Chefalo Knot

Jupiter Lion – Black Mouth (Gonzo in Vegas Folk Remix)

Nobody, Ever – The Last Good Thing

Party Supplies – Beautiful Girl

Philos Moore – Not Too Level

PJ Harvey – Shaker Aamer

Singularity – Horizon Unplugged (ft. Nilu & Rucas)

Week of Wonders – Piggybacks


Cut Copy – Let Me Show You

Frankie Rose – Sorrow

JJ DOOM – Banished (Beck Remix)

London Grammar – Feelings

Mike Donovan – New Fieldhand Bop

Raspberry Bulbs – When A Lie Becomes A Truth