Back in February, I tweeted about Prince’s new single, which is titled “Breakfast Can Wait”. Jokingly, I said, “So does that mean he’s not going to make me pancakes after our basketball game?” It was a reference to a 2004 sketch on “Chappelle’s Show” where Charlie Murphy (Eddie’s brother) tells the story about the time he met Prince. They wound up playing basketball at his house, and after Prince won, he made everybody pancakes. It’s a classic sketch, and Dave Chappelle does an incredible job pretending to be Prince. Well to my surprise and I’m sure the surprise of many, Prince unveiled the cover art for “Breakfast Can Wait” over the weekend. What is it? Why it’s Dave Chappelle dressed as Prince with a tray of pancakes. Prince not only revealed it via his newly active Twitter account, but it came with the following line, direct from the “Chappelle’s Show” sketch: “Game: Blouses”. Don’t ever let anybody tell you that Prince has no sense of humor. This is proof positive. Now if only somebody could get actual footage of Prince dominating in a basketball game. Let’s transition from that into today’s Pick Your Poison. Allow me to advise checking out tracks today from 2PPM, Alligator Indian, Lisa Papineau, Matthew Collings, Peelander-Z, The Slytest and Sweet Alps. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from The Fratellis, Kitten, Wymond Miles and YACHT.

2PPM – I

Alligator Indian – PUF//FIN

Bent Denim – Living Room

Hadley Kennary – Otis

Hannah Georgas – Somebody

Lisa Papineau – Out For A Swim

Marquee Mayfield – Breakdown

Matthew Collings – They Meet On the Subway

Mini Dresses – Watching You

Pagiins – Open Up Your Mind

Peelander-Z – Ride on the Shooting Star

The Pluto Moons – No Evidence

The Slytest – Rock’N’Roll Heaven

Suntrapp – All the Seas

Sweet Alps – Ghost Metropolis


Dead Gaze – Rowdy Jungle

The Fratellis – Seven Nights Seven Days

Joanna Gruesome – Sugarcrush

Kitten – Like A Stranger

Wymond Miles – Passion Plays

YACHT – Party at the NSA