Woof. I hope your weekend was fantastic. Mine absolutely was, and if you’ve been following the site and my Twitter feed all weekend I’m sure you got a good idea of the many things that went down at Pitchfork Music Festival. Like previous years, it was a whole lot of fun with a whole lot of great people. If you’ve never been I strongly encourage you to go. Full coverage, including daily recaps of all the bands I saw, is available here. I’m a bit out of it after taking an aggressive approach to each day over the weekend, so I’m going to need today to recover. I’ve still got one final Pitchfork Music Fest report to write, an ending summary along with a million and one photos. It’ll get done…sometime this week. Stay tuned on that. But in the meantime, the music continues and Pick Your Poison continues. Don’t miss tracks today from Art Decade, The Chill Marks, Flashlights, Grooms, Las Kellies and TOTEM. In the Soundcloud section, stream new songs from Drew Price, Explosions in the SKy with David Wingo, James Ferraro, Modern Hut and TRAAMS.

Arc Rev One – Funk N It Up

Art Decade – No One’s Waiting

Charlie Greene – I’m Going Inside

The Chill Marks – Missing

Colette – When the Music’s Loud

Damon Albarn – Monkey Bee (Nosaj Thing Remix)

Emma Heartbeat – The Machine (Freakatronic Remix)

Flashlights – Don’t Take Me Seriously

Flowers Groove – Strange Feelings (DeLix Remix)

Grooms – I Think We’re Alone Now

Las Kellies – Melting Ice

Matt Script – All Day

Profecy – Standing in the Rain (ft. Matt B)

TOTEM – Rich Girl


Drew Price – Tiny and All Alone

Explosions in the Sky & David Wingo – Join Me On My Avalanche

James Ferraro – Eternal Condition / Stuck 2

Modern Hut – Life

Royal Canoe – Bathtubs (Alek.Fin Remix)

TRAAMS – Flowers