Now and then I like to put together little show previews for my Chicago readers, in an effort to call attention to a particular band coming through town that’s worth the time, money and effort to go and see. It’s on that note that I want to introduce you to the Los Angeles quintet known as The Lonely Wild. Their debut album The Sun As It Comes was released earlier this month, and they’re supporting the record by playing a supporting role for psychedelic garage band Chappo. The tour hits Schubas Tavern on Friday, May 3rd, and tickets are $10 in advance. You can buy them here. But what do The Lonely Wild sound like? That’s a good question, and one that isn’t entirely easy to answer. They’re an indie rock band with nods to folk, Americana, Spaghetti westerns and Mariachi bands, among other things. One minute they’re pulling from the playbooks of The Walkmen or DeVotchKa, and the next they’re channeling Ennio Morricone matched with the harmonies of a Lumineers or Of Monsters and Men. Their single “Buried in the Murder” takes a piano base and turns it into an exposed raw nerve that burns with the fiery passion of a great torch ballad. “Everything You Need” is an uptempo cut complete with acoustic guitars and a dynamite horn section that you simply can’t ignore. If you’re looking for any more proof that The Lonely Wild are a band worth going to see, here’s a professionally shot video of the band performing “Everything You Need” live at the Echo in L.A. this past December. Don’t be surprised if they hit it big in the next year or two and start playing at places much larger than Schubas. See them now, and then tell people you first saw them in a really small room in Chicago. It’ll be fun, I promise. Also fun is today’s edition of Pick Your Poison. I’m happy to recommend tracks from Aerosol Constellations, The Bats, The Belle Game, Bwana’s remix of a Chad Valley track ft. Twin Shadow, Japanther and Survival. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Airhead, Dirty Beaches, I Am A Camera (covering Pet Shop Boys), Koreless’ remix of Foals and Danny Brown’s remix of Charli XCX.

Aerosol Constellations – Dragging Me By Hair and Teeth (Excerpt)

AM & Shawn Lee – Two Times (Colorama Remix)

The Bats – Simpletons

The Belle Game – Blame Fiction

Bowjia – Fresh Prints

Chad Valley ft. Twin Shadow – I Owe You This (Bwana Remix)

Clementine & The Galaxy – Robot (Galaxy Remix)

Eduard Glumov & Tatyana Trofimova – Diamonds (Rihanna cover)

Ghost – Monstrance Clock (Owl Vision Remix)

Hunktronik – Baldy

Japanther – Stolen Flowers

Mary Cassidy & Jon Lawless – Crowded House

Red Aces – The End

Survival – Since Sun


Airhead – Autumn

Charli XCX – What I Like (Danny Brown Remix)

Dirty Beaches – Temple Street (ft. The Offset: Spectacles)

Foals – Late Night (Koreless Remix)

I Am A Camera – Rent (Pet Shop Boys cover)

The Ramona Flowers – Lust and Lies (Joe Goddard Remix)