There’s a lot of bands whose records I’m looking forward to hearing this year, but few more than the ones from The National and Queens of the Stone Age. The National’s new record Trouble Will Find Me comes out first on May 21st, followed two weeks later by QOTSA’s first record in six years called …Like Clockwork, which is out on June 4th. The reason I’m bringing both of these bands up today is because the first singles from each of their respective records have now surfaced and I wanted to share them with you. Normally I’d attach a Soundcloud stream or an mp3 if there was one, however neither of those formats are available for these songs. Instead, we get YouTube, which isn’t ideal but is a serviceable way to hear new music I suppose. Anyways, the first single from The National’s new one is called “Demons,” and you can hear it here, where the unofficial video paired with the song is a time lapse of an artist rendering the album’s artwork in chalk. That’s better than just a static screen, which is pretty much what you get with this new Queens of the Stone Age track “My God Is The Sun.” You can stream that right here. I like both tracks, but I’m really a full length sort of guy at my core, so we’ll have to wait and see what all the other new songs sound like once they arrive. But if you’re looking for more new music, Pick Your Poison has you covered of course. Enjoy tracks today from Death Rattle, Flutes, GRMLN (covering Vampire Weekend), Ian Place, Louis Matteo and Strictly Ballroom. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Dan Deacon, Eluvium, Flying Lotus, Free Energy, Misty Miller and Saturday Looks Good to Me.

Citroën – Terminal Bliss

Death Rattle – White Ropes

Deron – James Brown

Flutes – What Is Love

God Tiny – Fearless

GRMLN – The Kids Don’t Stand A Chance (Vampire Weekend cover)

Haiku Salut – Los Elefantes

Ian Place – Love Is A Hoe

Kazyak – Part I: Rabbiting Fox

Louis Matteo – Finish Line

Manzanita Falls – Crabgrass

Outasight – Remember Me
Outasight – Drifting Away

Shelf Nunny – I Feel So Good About Myself

Strictly Ballroom – Escape Plan #4


Dan Deacon – Konono Ripoff No. 1

Eluvium – Envenom Mettle

Flying Lotus – About that time//A glitch is a glitch

Free Energy – Wild Life

Misty Miller – Anything for You

Saturday Looks Good to Me – Break In