Okay, I haven’t done a preview for a Chicago show in awhile, so let’s bring that back today with 2 different (but equally great) concerts happening in the city on the same day. That day is Monday, March 10th. Sure, you may still be a bit groggy from losing an hour of sleep on Sunday thanks to Daylight Savings Time, but trust me when I say there are some good bands coming through town. First up is Panoramic & True. You can download a new song from them called “Haunted” off their Wonderlust record below as part of today’s Pick Your Poison. They’re a local Chicago band with a lot of catchy orchestral pop songs you just want to fall in love with. Anyways, they’ll be playing a 21+ show at Beat Kitchen on Monday night (8:30 p.m. start time). Also on that bill are Sea Lanes, Rare Animals and America Hearts. Tickets are only $8 and can be purchased in advance here.

Another band with local ties is The Pear Traps, and they’ll be headlining a show at the Empty Bottle on Monday night with two New York bands coming through town on their way to SXSW, Ski Lodge and Conveyor. The Pear Traps make music best describes as jangly garage pop, and they put out an EP late last year that’s pretty great. The Elsewhere EP is available to stream and as a name your own price download at Bandcamp. But the other two bands on the bill are excellent as well. Ski Lodge just released a new single, which you can stream in the Soundcloud section of today’s Pick Your Poison. That’s a lot of fun and it reminds me of The Smiths in a positive way. Perhaps most interesting, to me at least, is Conveyor, a band that combines folk, electronica and a host of other styles and elements to create an experimental pop sound that’s positively addictive. It’s like if Animal Collective, Fleet Foxes and Yeasayer had a musical baby together. I’ve featured the tracks “Mukraker,” “Marie” and “Woolgatherer” on my site before, and I invite you to download them all if you haven’t yet done so. The show is at the Empty Bottle on Monday starting at 7, and tickets are only $3. Yep, you read that right, $3. A buck a band. You can’t do much better than that, and especially with talent like this. Here is the link to buy tickets.

Okay, on to today’s Pick Your Poison, which is a delight. Pay particular attention to tracks from Dandan, Ghostkeeper, James Ferraro, Peals, Shannon & The Clams, Will Courtney and Delorean’s remix of Young Dreams. Oh, and Chris Bear’s remix of Grizzly Bear’s “Plans” is excellent as well. In the Soundcloud section (after the jump), stream tracks from Big Deal, Goldroom, Iggy and the Stooges and Laura Stevenson, among others.

Dandan – Swimmers

Ghostkeeper – Luella

Glass Candy – The Possessed (Extended Runway Edit)

Grizzly Bear – Plans (C Bear Chopped Up Not Slopped Up Remix)

James Ferraro – Blood Flow

Opaque Stutters – Benefit of the Doubt

Panoramic & True – Haunted

Peals – Blue Elvis

Shannon & The Clams – Rip Van Winkle

Streak and the Raven – Speed of Light

Sweatson Klank – Waiting (ft. Vikter Duplaix)

WhoaBear – Long Time

Will Courtney – There’s No Answer

Young Dreams – First Days of Something (Delorean Remix)


Big Deal – In Your Car

Goldroom – Only You Can Show Me (ft. Mereki)

Iggy and the Stooges – Burn

Keaton Henson – Teach Me (The Album Leaf Remix)

Laura Stevenson – L-DOPA

Ski Lodge – Just to Be Like You