Happy Monday. I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was spent at least in part at a Darwin Deez show, so I at least had a little bit of fun. Well, between that and going to see Spring Breakers it was a rather odd weekend on the whole. By the way, James Franco probably deserves an Oscar nomination for his work in that movie. Just sayin’. I don’t have a whole lot to say at the start of this week, except I did want to mention a pretty cool thing that happened elsewhere over the weekend. Specifically, things were going on at London’s Royal Albert Hall. There was a charity event for the Teenage Cancer Trust, and some notable names in Britpop got together on stage for a little jam session as part of it. Specifically, Noel Gallagher (ex-Oasis, current Flying Bird) joined Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon and Paul Weller of Blur for a rendition of the classic Blur song “Tender”. I wish this were an official video instead of something shot from the crowd, but it’s decent audio and video on the whole – enough to give you a solid idea of how things went. Honestly, if I ever get the chance to see Blur perform live, I think “Tender” is at or right near the top of the list of things I’d want them to play. With Noel Gallagher in there it adds just a little extra bit of excitement to the whole thing. Who knows, maybe they’ll collaborate on some original music in the future. After all, Damon Albarn is quite well known for his many side projects. Okay, let’s get on with today’s Pick Your Poison. I’ll recommend to you tracks from Biggles Flys Again, ExDetectives, Hospital Ships, Liam Hayes, Lid Emba, Shark? and Silicon Ballet. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream Baauer’s remix of Aluna George’s “Attracting Flies,” plus new tracks from Schoolboy Q and White Fence.

Biggles Flys Again – Friends

Cajsa Siik – Ego

Colin Shots – Tigerlove

Emperors – Plastic Guns

ExDetectives – Whitewash

Fehrplay – Phantom

Hospital Ships – Come Back to Life

Liam Hayes – So Much Music

Lid Emba – One Less Philistine

Misun – Promise Me

Moduloktopus – Blunt Sinatra

Shark? – California Girls

Silicon Ballet – Goodbye Low

Vienna Ditto – Liar Liar


AlunaGeorge – Attracting Flies (Baauer Remix)

Hundred Waters – Boreal (Teebs Remix)

The Laurels – Manic Saturday

Schoolboy Q – Yay Yay

White Fence – Fragility

Will Brennan – RNR (Enferno Remix)