Happy Friday! Happy First of March! Happy One Month Until April Fools Day Day! There are plenty of things to celebrate as we head into the weekend. Personally, I think that the start of March is the start of the end of winter. By the time this month is through, the snow will be off the ground and temperatures should reach a relatively mild 50-something degrees. At least that’s how it normally goes in Chicago. Spring is almost in the air, and I for one can’t wait. Of course this winter hasn’t been bad by any means, and the snow hasn’t exactly been piled high, but I miss spending time outside, flowers and grass, grilling and the summer music festival season. Speaking of which, if you’re a fan of or regular attendee at Lollapalooza every year, I’d like to point out that starting today and going through the end of the month I’ll be giving out lineup hints and rumors and “confirmations” (nothing’s officially confirmed until the fest says so) each weekday on Twitter. If you want some insight into who will be playing in Grant Park this year, you might want to check that out. Maybe one of the bands below will be there this year. Today’s Pick Your Poison highlights come from Adventure Galley, Belle Mare, Big K.R.I.T., Bloody Amateur, Midnight Spin, Monocle and Takka Takka. In the Soundcloud section (after the jump), stream tracks from The Black Angels, Lightouts, Patrick Stickles (of Titus Andronicus) covering Free Energy, and Blood Diamonds remixing Hundred Waters. Have a great weekend!

Adventure Galley – Semantics

The Antiques – Video Code

Belle Mare – The Boat of the Fragile Mind

Big K.R.I.T. – Shine On (ft. Bun B)

Bloody Amateur – The Light

Four Visions – About Us

Jerusalem in My Heart – Koll Lil-Mali7ati Fi Al-Khimar Al-Aswadi

Kazyak – Pieces of My Map

Little Daylight – Overdose (Ghost Loft Remix)

Midnight Spin – Conchis Bliss

Monocle – Chances Glide

Mortar & Pestle – U.V.

Takka Takka – We Are Pilgrims No More (The End of Our Traveling Days)

Tartufi – Underwater

Tjutjuna – Mousetrap


The Black Angels – Evil Things

Chaos Chaos – In This Place

Hundred Waters – Boreal (Blood Diamonds Remix)

Lightouts – Want

Patrick Stickles (Titus Andronicus) – Hey Tonight (Free Energy cover)

Turtle Giant – Orange Grape