At the start of this year, I expressed intense excitement over the revelation that David Bowie would be releasing a new album in 2013. It’s been 10 years since his last album of original material, and at that time I wasn’t really a fan of anything but his classic singles. I’ve grown into Bowie and all his quirks and evolutions over time, and now feel as if I can fully embrace what he’s had to offer the world. That’s why I’m so happy to hear he’s still interested in making music. It remains my firm desire to see him perform live, however almost all reports suggest he has no plans to tour for the foreseeable future. A couple years ago I was curious as to what Bowie was up to, and found a couple articles saying that he had retired and was enjoying family life in New York. I also heard rumors he had some serious health problems related to the energy and intensity that it takes to put on a great live show, which is why he had resigned to never tour again. How true any of that material was is open for debate, but that he’s at least putting out a new album should serve as at least a small sign he’s not totally retired. Anyways, while I’m not holding my breath on any live shows, I’m still very interested to hear what 2013 Bowie sounds like. There’s been a couple preview videos, including the latest “The Stars (Are Out Tonight),” but March 12th is the official release date for The Next Day album. Well, surprise surprise, it was just revealed that iTunes is letting you stream the whole record right now should you so desire. Go here if you’d like to experience the new Bowie record in full. I’ve yet to give it a listen, but when I have the chance I’ll be sure to write up a review for everyone. Hooray! If Bowie doesn’t interest you though, perhaps some fresh and interesting new bands in Pick Your Poison will. Don’t miss tracks today from Beams, Hanna Turi, Harness Flux, Judson Claiborne, Moon King and Quixotism. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream new songs from Fyfe, Sally Shapiro, Saturday Looks Good to Me and Tricky.

Beams – Be My Brother

Bombay Show Pig – Timewaster

Crash & The Coots – Bottle Rhythm

Day Joy – Melting (Dromes Remix)

Hanna Turi – You Collect

Harness Flux – Paper Route

Hollagramz – Sex Potion

Judson Claiborne – Neo Pagan Lovesong

mdnt – Dreamcatcher (ft. Jez Dior)

Moon King – Appel

Quixotism – Piqued/Acceptance

Stevie – If I Were A Boy (Beyonce cover)

Swedish House Mafia – Don’t Worry Child (The Golden Pony Remix)

Unlike Pluto – Ye Scallywag

Vato Gonzalez – What?!


Fyfe – St. Tropez

Joel Plaskett Emergency – Lightning Bolt

Sally Shapiro – Sundown

Saturday Looks Good to Me – Invisible Friend

Scanners – Control

Tricky – Nothing’s Changed