I’m in a bit of a hurry today, so unfortunately I can’t quite ramble on about something aimlessly like I tend to do in these Pick Your Poison entries. Instead, let’s pretty much get straight to the music. There’s good stuff today from artists such as Anamanaguchi, FLOTE, Ghost Youth, Jez Dior, Pere Ubu, Phaseone, Reversing Falls and Rice Cultivation Society. In the Soundcloud section (after the jump), stream tracks from Free Energy, Hurts and Jeremy Greenspan.

Anamanaguchi – Meow

Brave Baby – Magic & Fire

FLOTE – The Cascades

Ghost Youth – Pilgrimage

The Good Natured – 5-HT (Duncan Murray Remix)

Jez Dior – Love Me to Death

Moduloktopus – Formless

Othello Woolf – Keep On

Pere Ubu – 414 Seconds

Phaseone – It’s Not Forever

Reversing Falls – Curse This Place

Rice Cultivation Society – Honey Hide

Rosco Bandana – Feels Like Mississippi

Total Warr – Bambastard (ft. The Death Set)


Free Energy – Girls Want Rock

Heinali – Fade

Hurts – Miracle

Jeremy Greenspan – Drums&Drums&Drums

Toy Love – Swimming Pool

YUZIMA – Garden (Pearl Jam cover)