There was a big Chicago show announcement today that I’m very excited about while simultaneously very disappointed about. The excitement factor is that it’s Pearl Jam, and they’re playing at Wrigley Field. They’ve had some interesting bands play at Wrigley these last few years, including Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen and Roger Waters. It feels like an improvement over years prior which featured big name country acts or pairings like Elton John and Billy Joel. Those artists are either offensive to my personal tastes or skew towards the much older crowd. Granted, names like Springsteen and Waters also skew older, but they’re at least legendary staples of rock music. So anyways, to have Pearl Jam at Wrigley seems like a fantastic idea, and I was the first to say that I’d be all set to buy a ticket the moment they went on sale. What I failed to anticipate was the date of the show: Friday, July 19th. You know what’s also going on that day in Chicago? The Pitchfork Music Festival. That and Lollapalooza are pretty much the two big 3-day shows I try not to miss a single second of every year. Now if Pitchfork announces their lineup and the Friday night headliner is a band I absolutely despise (this is highly unlikely), I may skip out of there to go see Pearl Jam. Ed Ved & Co. have put on an amazing show every single time I’ve seen them, and it mostly winds up being one gigantic sing-along for 2.5 hours. If you’re a Chicagoan and are sure you won’t be at Pitchfork this year, I do think that going to the Pearl Jam show is something you should be going to. Tickets for that show go on sale Feb. 9th at 10AM via, but if you’re a Ten Club member there are certain presale advantages available to you. So there you go. Now let’s talk Pick Your Poison. Enjoy tracks today from ANtwon, Calvin Love, Dog Bite, Lindstrom’s remix of Grizzly Bear, Mark Mallman, Milk Music and Ulfur. In the Soundcloud section you can stream new songs from The 1975, Cave Painting (covering Frank Ocean) and Devendra Banhart.

Antwon – Automatic

Baby Baby – Keep On Dancin

Calvin Love – Missions

The Connects – Love in Las Vegas

Darwin Deez – Free (Billy Mix)

Dog Bite – Native America

Grizzly Bear – Gun Shy (Lindstrom Remix)

The March Divide – Pick Me Up

Mark Mallman – Like a Car Crash

Milk Music – I’ve Got a Wild Feeling

Ms. Henrik – Doing It for the Man

Nick and the Ovorols – Try Me

Tecla – Fake Tears

Ulfur – So Very Strange


The 1975 – Chocolate

Cave Painting – Swim Good (Frank Ocean cover)

City Reign – Making Plans

Devendra Banhart – Never Seen Such Good Things

Kate Boy – In Your Eyes

To Kill A King – Cold Skin (Tyde Remix)