Class of 2013 update! Okay, so I introduced my Class of 2013 on Monday, but I wanted to give everyone a big heads up about a couple of key things happening with a couple of the artists, because they have new records coming out in the next week or two. Let’s start with FIDLAR. Their self-titled debut is out on Tuesday, and you can stream the whole thing right now at Pitchfork Advance. I’ll definitely be reviewing it next week too, so jump on that record if you like brash and fun punk rock. For those that like a little moody and relaxed synth pop, La Big Vic’s album Cold War is also out on Tuesday and can currently be streamed at Noisey’s Soundcloud. I’ve definitely listened to both albums, and while I can’t quite give you an official opinion on either (you’ll have to wait for my reviews), just know that I didn’t pick both bands to be part of my Class of 2013 because they sucked. They’re two completely different records though, and if you listen to both there’s a good chance you won’t like both unless your tastes are super diverse. Still, have fun with them and consider purchasing them via your favorite retailer next week. Now then, let’s talk about the matter right in front of us: Pick Your Poison. Great tracks today come from The Little Ones, My Lucky Fish, Tera Melos, VYIE and Young Boys. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, you can stream some new and good tracks from Beach Fossils, Dinosaur Jr., Herbcraft, Kitty (aka Kitty Pryde) and Prefuse 73’s remix of Ultraista.

The Caulfield Beats – Two of Swords

Cosmic Suckerpunch – Cosmic

Daniel Badeie – I’ll Walk With You

Kameronessi – Find Me On A Beach

The Little Ones – Forro

Mary at Midnight – Tiny Dancer (Elton John cover)

My Lucky Fish – Bother Me

Stephen Brodsky – Real Surreal Beauty

Styles & Complete – Smash It

Teith – Table of Tourettes

Tera Melos – Tropic Lame

VYIE – Darrrk Knight

The xx – Chained (Nickel Remix)

Young Boys – Love Hits


Beach Fossils – Generational Synthetic

Dinosaur Jr. – Don’t Pretend You Didn’t Know

Herbcraft – No Land

Kitty ft. Lakutis – Ay Shawty

The Resonars – A City Out of Reach

Ultraista – You’re Out (Prefuse 73 remix)