While most weekends of December can be considered holiday party weekends, I think this upcoming weekend takes the cake for having the most going on. You don’t have to be attending a holiday party, but hopefully you were invited to one. A popular choice is the Ugly Christmas Sweater party, where everyone breaks out their novelty knitted holiday sweaters and wears them for the one time each year. Personally I don’t own a Christmas sweater because I refuse to own a piece of clothing that’s only wearable 1-2 times a year. Hypothetically you could wear an ugly Christmas sweater as many times as you wanted to, but why would you? Well, unless you’re the sort of person that doesn’t find them ugly. There’s a market for them somewhere, I guess, otherwise people would stop making them. The point being, I hope you have fun at a party this weekend. In my opinion, you earned it. Now then, let’s take care of this Pick Your Poison business for Friday. I’ll recommend tracks from Bear Ceuse, Judy Kang, Midnight Spin, Monster Rally, They Might Be Giants, and Hugsnotdrugs’ remix of Crystal Castles. As for the Soundcloud section, I’m just going to go ahead and recommend every single track in there. It’s a really damn good set today. Have a great weekend!

Bear Ceuse – Entertain Me

Cloud Boat – I Left for a Reason (It Escapes Me Now)

Crystal Castles – Pale Flesh (Hugsnotdrugs Remix)

EEEK! – Tough Guys

Judy Kang – You

Midnight Spin – Lion Run

Monarchy – Disintegration ft. Dita Von Teese (Mighty Mouse Remix)

Monster Rally – The Wolf

OH!Hello – MURDA

Paradise – Psychic Returns (Piano Version)

Rhian Sheehan – Little Sines

The Sky Drops – Christmas Time Is Here

They Might Be Giants – Call You Mom

A Tribe Called Red – Trap Heat

Vaticans – Out of the Fold (Silent Rider Remix)


El Perro Del Mar – Hold Off the Dawn

Free Energy – Street Survivor

Ra Ra Riot – When I Dream

Don Adora’e (Sonny Smith) – If You Don’t Make A Change

Stars – Backlines (Eight and a Half Remix)

Wax Idols – Sound of a Void